Add color to your outfits using special jewels

At Nanna Folk we love color because it transmits joy, but it is also compatible with elegance.

Now that spring is about to begin, there is nothing like getting rid of the neutrality of the tones that we wear in winter, to once again embrace the color that makes our summers so happy. Adding it to our outfits little by little is the best idea, and doing it through jewelry could not be more successful. They will transmit joy as well as positivity and will change your day – and that of the people around you – with a simple and effective gesture of style. Here we leave a few tricks for you to do it with class: everyone will praise the result.

Bet on basics

The short-sleeved white t-shirts, the light blue jeans, and the basic blazers that you have been wearing all winter are your best friends. To turn that range of neutral colors into a spring theme, there is nothing like adding a necklace of natural stones, like the model Shark Tooth Form, which will make your look stand out. They also seem ideal to combine with this type of daily styling any of the Cristalina collection, such as the Shasa or the Cordelia, which will add even more sophistication to any combination; without forgetting our mythical Fiji necklaces, which are always a sure hit. Our favorite bet is to also add blush in vibrant tones to the makeup, to finish entering the spring atmosphere.



Summer night Dream

The combination: lingerie dress and sandals never fails. It is perfect in any shape and color to save moonlight dinners with the sound of the beach in the background, but also with friends in the capital when the long-awaited vacation has not yet arrived. What's more, you can take advantage of it now that temperatures rise gradually and the body appreciates it. To animate this sophisticated combination, we think that striking earrings are the best idea and the Maui model in any of its combinations seems perfect (multicolored pearls, pink coral, Red Coral). But if what you want is to elevate your style to the nth degree, choose the model in red coral and combine it with a lipstick of the same tone: there will be no one to stop you.


Ode to the boho girl

The girls who adore spring because it is the time of year when they can start wearing long flowered dresses day in and day out are also the same ones who know how to appreciate a good combination of jewels that provide the finishing touch to the style. The combination: bracelet and earrings is a winner. Not only because it does not recharge the styling, but because it ends up closing it. For this there is no better combination than the Tourmaline chain earrings and the tourmaline bracelet, both from the Pebbles collection. Two reasons to bet on them: they add the right dose of color to a dress that is already intense and they go perfectly with the boho style. The trick to be able to wear this style when the temperatures are not yet as high as we would like is to add some cowboy boots to the style. Assured success.