Sea-inspired jewelry: the trend you need to elevate your seaside looks

Marine-inspired jewelry is one of the most repeated bets in spring/summer looks. If in the field of fashion garments such as shell-shaped necklines and mermaid-style skirts are having great success this year, in the jewelry sector there is little doubt that the sea bathes the pieces of the season to give them a powerful vacation accent that helps us not only to welcome the sunny season, but also to live it to its fullest essence.

Few are the pieces that refuse to surrender to marine inspiration. And this year there is no doubt, since, among the trends that we see, both necklaces and earrings or bracelets are committed to integrating elements of this type into their silhouettes. We find shells, corals, snails, starfish or, one of the most repeated trends, especially this 2023, pearls. This is how the catwalks have predicted it in their catwalk shows, this is also confirmed by the stores and, this is how the street-style, who has been ahead of us for months in the most viewed and applauded looks on the streets, how to wear them. And since at Nanna Folk we have taken note of all these lessons, we show you below a list of some of the marine-inspired jewels from our catalogue that you can become your allies. 

The Sea Treasures Collection

If what you are looking for is to wear relaxed clothes full of elegance and you are passionate about small discreet details, the sea treasures collection is what you are looking for. In it you will find different pieces that we have been reproducing over time. Jewels that take the sea as a reference to refresh your looks and give them an original air of outstanding this season.

The Pearls Obsession Collection

Some of the jewels that keep more history and power are those that include pearls. Pearls can be used to complement and enhance an outfit, and they can also be used to highlight and draw attention to a particular part of the body. They always feel good and, in Pearls Obsession, you will find different designs that alternate from minimalist bets ideal to wear on a day-to-day basis, as well as other more striking and special ones that will accompany your outfits on the most special occasions.

The Bahia Collection

Following the legacy of pearlcore, in Nanna Folk we launched Bahia to give a fun twist to your pearl jewelry. The ones you will find in this section are natural pearls hand painted with enamel and tied with colored threads. An authentic fusion of craftsmanship and color, two of the characteristics that also define us at Nanna Folk.

The Sunshine Collection

Is there any more magical moment than watching the sunrise or sunset on a summer day? In any of its stages, the sun gives us magical moments. For this reason, at Nanna Folk we wanted to honor this wonderful star of the solar system en Sunshine, a collection that takes its shape and sparkle, the light that it leaves behind, as a reference in jewels that are pure beauty.

The crystalline collection

If the yellow of the sun and the different colors that characterize it are part of Sunshine, in CrystallineInstead, we decided to honor another of the essential elements of summer, water. Blue takes center stage in this series of jewels, which add a touch of color to our simplest looks.