One of the most eagerly awaited dates of the year is about to begin: Easter. Enjoying this religious celebration has always been one of our favourite activities, but when we also have holidays in which we can do it in style, the excitement is even greater. In these days, which welcome spring, many people plan to rest and replenish energy; others, on the other hand, take advantage of the occasion and plan a getaway to another destination, inaugurating the sunny days.

There are as many possible trips around these dates as there are search options. For this reason and because wherever you go you must never give up style, at Nanna Folk we have prepared below a travel guide to spend a few days disconnecting, but, yes, without ever giving up style. Tell us where you are traveling, and we will take care of choosing your adventurous jewellery box.

Beach days

There is little doubt in affirming that the most requested claims at Easter have to do with all those destinations that boast of the coast. If you are one of those who is planning a trip to the beach, opt for light and brightly colored jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets with colorful pieces are an excellent option. From our catalog we propose any of our jewels of the Bahia collection, with natural pearls hand painted with enamel and tied with colored silk thread.

As well as jewelry with marine elements, such as shells. Also, as the name suggests, Sea treasures It is a very good option. In it you will find different jewels with marine elements that are inspired by pieces that we have been collecting over time from different destinations.

Cosmopolitan getaway

Maybe you haven´t yet pressed the ON button for a summer getaway and you prefer to enjoy the advantages of a city. Between cafes, monuments and walks, you can show off your best outfits. For these occasions, the ideal is to bet on elegant and sophisticated jewellery, such as one of those belonging to our collection of Pearls Obsession. If not, another of the most successful options on asphalt is to wear modern jewelry with a minimal air that does not overwhelm your look. To get that twist you can choose any of theCrystalline collection/span>, or the option that never fails, The chains .

With mountain views

If you are one of the adventurers who take advantage of any occasion to escape to the mountains and you are one of those women who cannot live without jewelry, even on these occasions, then any option inspired by nature will be the ally for your excursions in these places. The collar Isabella or the bracelet that bears the same name are two beautiful, elegant and comfortable alternatives, otherwise, any of the Stackable ring They will give the distinctive and discreet plus to your outfit. 

Religious trip

To say that Easter is one of the most relevant religious dates of the year is an undoubted fact. That is why it is possible that you stay in your city to go to all the processions or that you travel to be some of the most spectacular in the country. If so, without a doubt, your collection is the Blessed, made up of very special jewels that will also accompany you in your day to day. From medals and crosses to reaching the sacred heart. An option to not only feel, but also show your faith.

Days with history

Visiting places full of history and taking a plane to see places full of culture is always enriching. You may want to enjoy these days knowing in detail the past of some civilizations. To do this, be sure to research the culture and history of the place you are traveling to and choose appropriate jewelry for each destination. In most you can opt for amulets and jewelry with precious stones, as we present in our Meaningful Jewelry.