That the color red is the protagonist of Christmas is an undoubted fact. When we think of these dates, this hue stands out as the favorite both for decorating our tables and trees, and for choosing our wardrobe, especially if we think of New Year's Eve. On the evening in which we bid farewell to one year and welcome the next, this hue is not only the best representative of the season, but also, when we choose it in our looks, it is synonymous with luck. And what better than clinging to superstitions to attract new energy and start a new phase.

The red color of passion holds behind it a powerful symbology that, although many of us adopt out of habit, others do so with full awareness. There are many theories of the origin of this tradition, but the most famous suggests that its origin is due to the prohibition that it had in the most typical clothing of the Middle Ages, since at that time red was associated with activities that were frowned upon, like witchcraft and the occult, so everyone who wanted to dress it and attract those magical powers typical of these sorcerous and mystical branches, did so in clothes that were not seen at first glance, such as underwear. There is still more: at the same time, another idea also arose at this time that indicates that, in winter, when the colors of the sky and of the streets tend to be sadder, wearing red was a symbol of joy and life, a theory that increased the discreet use of red coinciding with the cold season, which reaches its peak in December.


Today the belief that red attracts good luck has been maintained in some countries, such as Spain. In addition, beyond continuing the legacy of these hypotheses, other traditional practices, such as Chinese Feng Shui, have also helped to perpetuate this idea, since, according to this system, red is the color of courage, the one that gives us it helps to dismiss our fears and pushes us to venture into new and exciting adventures. Maybe now you understand everything, because there is even more: in China it symbolizes luck and happiness, in India marriage and, everyone knows, that in Western societies it represents love and passion. Surely you have also heard of a Japanese mythological legend that ensures that people are united through a red thread tied to our little finger that ends up uniting us over the years (here we tell you the complete story). A romantic idea that only adds meaning to this color and makes it one of our favourites.


Because this color has such strength and presence that, to this day, it is not surprising that it has already become an essential on New Year's Eve. Sometimes in a discreet way and other times starring in our looks, but always with us to give us luck. We wear it in dresses, in little bows that we put on our wrists and, increasingly, in our jewelry choices. Nothing surprising because, in addition to being a color that attracts fortune and love, it is super flattering and one of the most ideal bets to energize and create looks that are not boring. For this reason and because we also want to end the year in style and embrace those who enter, at Nanna Folk we have a catalog in which red is also the protagonist. We show you some proposals with which you will not only fill your outfits with style, but also with meaning.



Choose a total look in black and add a distinctive touch with our red string bracelet. A lucky charm that will accompany you on that special night, but also for the rest of your life. Your choice: a key, a horseshoe or a clover. With this choice, it is clear that nothing can go wrong.




Sometimes the small details make all the difference and you don't need to choose a flashy piece of jewelry to achieve success in style. If you wear a dress or pants that leave your ankle exposed, the Manila anklet will add a differentiating air to the outfit and, at the same time, will help you start the New Year with energy. It is an anklet with red coral chips and balls, a fun and subtle option that you can recycle later on your next vacation.




With an open silhouette and heart-shaped colored zircons set in 18-carat gold-plated silver thread that falls on the front of the ear. Aphrodite earrings are the minimal proposal you need to add a twist of color to your look and make it the most elegant.





If you are not one of those who dare with passion red, do not worry. At Nanna Folk we present to you the Birthstone necklace, a deep red color design that inspires passion, love and devotion. A very significant silhouette linked to the heart chakra that is designed for a single purpose: to protect you and encourage you to achieve your goals. Is there a better way to start the year?




A small gesture can make a big difference, as our solitaire ring does. An ideal design with a small zircon that you can stack, mix and match with other gold rings and that will decorate, with great style, one of the most striking parts of the body and that we leave the most visible: our hands. If you like discretion, there is no doubt: the solitaire ring is waiting for you.