All you need this 2024 is a pearl necklace: this is the jewelry trend that you won't want to take off

Saying that pearls are a trend begins to be customary season after season. When they returned to the catwalks two years ago, we did not imagine that this bet would be on the rise again with the impetus with which we witness its staging today, however, we do not stop seeing them everywhere. He pearlcore It was one of the most talked about phenomena of 2023, and this 2024 does not promise to be any less.

The last Fashion Weeks have shown this. On the catwalks of brands like Moschino or Miu Miu we have seen them appear everywhere, especially in jewelry, bringing us back the ladylike aesthetic that triumphed in the past, when, back in the 50s, they began to have a presence, not only at events, but also as part of the most talked about and striking looks on the asphalt. It was later, in the 80s, when great fashion muses like Lady Di inspired us with their outfits, teaching us how to wear them well with earrings, necklaces and chokers that denoted that classic, but not at all boring, aesthetic that we admire so much about her. And later, many other royal members, such as Kate Middleton, and street style fashion consultants were in charge of showing us that they could be perfect companions to elevate our daily looks.

Is left over Of course, this year they once again accompany our looks, with the powerful pearl necklace being the absolute icon of the year. Designs like our pearl necklaces Sasha, Fixed or Pebbles, appear in everyday outfits decorating the necklines with open shirts or contrasting with dark round-neck t-shirts. On the other hand, others that are a little more special and less simple, such as El Mara, Hug O the Fiona, they add a distinctive plus to any look and also look great with strapless necklines. 

On festive or more formal occasions, the Gigi, the Rita or the Mara are always a good choice if what you are looking for is to be the protagonist. And, now that spring is coming, there are also more cheerful and colorful alternatives such as the pearl designs in the Bahía collection or in the Cowrie that are ideal for giving an air of color and dynamism to your looks along the coast.

Whichever one you choose, it will be a success, because these necklaces have already become an essential element and the most coveted jewel in the world of pearls. Of course, we cannot ignore the pearl choker either, which go even one step further and are crowned as the favorites for those days when we are hostesses, or we want to leave a mark with our look and be remembered eternally. Now that chockers are one of the favorite accessories of girls who know the most about fashion, the Gorgonian pearl choker or the Wilma choker is a good example of this. The first is made up of three rows of fine pearls, and the second, on the other hand, combines somewhat thicker ones with replicas cast in solid Vermeil silver. A note: all our pearls are grown in freshwater, so we guarantee that they will occupy a very special space in your jewelry box for a lifetime .

At a time when jewelry merges with self-expression, trends venture into new aesthetic territories and explore completely new manuals, pearls are used to dress classic girls, but also to prevail in more transgressive and modern looks. They no longer fit only into one aesthetic nor are they only associated with the flirty or the kitschy, but now they are able to sneak into looks of all styles. Therefore, you can check which pearl necklaces you like the most in our catalogue, as well as the earrings and bracelets with which to combine them. If you need more ideas, we tell you that you can also wear them to match your partner (yes, many men already wear pearl chains!) or we suggest some looks with pearls that will convince you of their staging.