You may have noticed it, you are part of the movement or, without knowing it, you are about to do so. Twinning is once again part of our lives and it is no coincidence. If you don't know what it is, don't worry, we'll explain it to you; Because right away you will realize what we are talking about.

Twinning is a trend that consists of dressing practically the same as another person. That is, it is about coordinating the looks on purpose with someone who accompanies you or accompanies you anywhere. It can be your sister, your friend or your partner. You can go to the office, for a walk or to an event. It does not matter who or where, but rather what and how. And if you think about it, twinning is actually familiar to you…Because it goes way back. Do you remember when you were little and you agreed with your best friend to wear the same top or skirt to class? Do you remember the looks of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Move This is New York, wearing their souvenir T-shirt through the streets of the Big Apple? Yes, that style matching was what we call twinning today, but now the phenomenon is even more viral and, if in 2017 it made a triumphant entrance on the streets and in 2019 it was once again part of the fashion trends, now it seems to come back again to our lookbook. The catwalks dictated it last year (we remember the viral Gucci spring/summer show with 68 twin pairs parading),but it's the fashion references who are reminding us, time and time again on the tarmac, that if we haven't practised it yet, it's time to do so.

Hailey Bieber does it continuously by coordinating her looks with those of her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are other names that seem to mimic their outfits and, if we think of fashion consultants and influencers of the moment, the twins Ami and Aya Suzuki or the close friends Teresa Andrés and Marta Lozano are also usually partners. in crime on stylistic issues.

The rules to join the twinning? They barely exist, but, like any time a trend breaks out, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Firstly, you must choose the same type of garment as the other person, so yes, if she wears a skirt, you must too. In addition, if you also add the same color range, the result will go from being approved or notable to, immediately, outstanding. It does not have to be exactly the same shade, but it must be in the same color spectrum. And finally: it is not considered twinning if you coincide separately, but it is essential that you wear the look at the same time and together.

Although twinning is mainly related to clothing, sometimes it is much easier to practice starting with jewelry. Bearing in mind that there are trends that are easy to incorporate into everyday life and that adapt to anyone, we review below some of our pieces of jewelry that you can give to that person with whom you would like to match. There are from timeless basics to more risky bets. It all depends on who and for what occasion you decide to do it... 


They combine from a simple set of shirt and jeans with loafers, to a tight-fitting dress for an event. The earrings -and always will be- indisputable allies of your jeweler. An ideal and discreet option to wear with another person not once, but on several occasions.


They give a rock or grunge touch to any look, being able to elevate them instantly, but at the same time they don't get to star in a set. These chain bracelets can be not only a beautiful element for that 'match' you are looking for, but also an ideal sign of friendship or fraternity.

The layering of necklaces is pure trend, so each one of you can incorporate the Shasa necklace with pearls with different pieces. The important thing is that you both wear the same one and then, each of you can give it a touch of personality by playing with others in different heights. It is easy to combine and very elegant.

There was a time when anklets were the most desired piece of jewelry for any teenager. Now that the trends of the 2000s are back in our closets, this accessory also stands out as a perfect option when it comes to joining the twinning scene. It is striking and brings back that nostalgic air in which any detail or gift was a symbol of unbreakable affection.

Now that lovecore is more fashionable than ever, it is undeniable to say that any piece of jewelery with a heart is suitable for matching. It says it all with its silhouette alone, but in the case of the Darlene ring, it's so sophisticated you won't want to take it off.