Saying that jewelry is one of the elements that have the most power to distinguish a look is an obvious statement, but confirming that earrings are being the favorite jewelry in 2023 to harmonize outfits is now, also, a fact that is difficult to deny. 

The fashion catwalks have been telling us for some time that earrings play a leading role in outfits, but above all, that it is the large and golden earrings that this year will be able to give a 'plot twist' to our outfits. Nothing surprising: they have always been associated with luxury, glamor and elegance; They stand out at first glance, and are tremendously versatile. Because of course, large gold earrings can be the perfect allies to wear both during the day with casual looks (such as jeans, a basic t-shirt and loafers or sneakers), and at night with more formal outfits. And it is that gold has always been one of the timeless classic metals preferred by any jewelry collection.

For this reason, so far in 2023, everything seems to indicate that this type of accessory will not only be essential in our day-to-day lives, but will also become the protagonist. As we have been able to see both in fashion shows and on the streets by the most stylish fashion consultants of the moment, they are worn in all their forms: in a ring, with a shell silhouette, with sculptural shapes, accompanying pearls, with an effect bubble and in a myriad of styles that help attract attention and create a more impressive look.

They have shown so much power throughout their history that another of the advantages of large gold earrings and that have made them the favorites of the most demanding jewelers of the year is that they tend to always favor. If the silver ones tend to be stricter when it comes to flattering any face, the gold ones, on the other hand, tend to balance and highlight facial features more easily. In addition, they help to size a flat face and lengthen square faces, as well as rounder ones.

You may already have a haul of large gold earrings in your jewelry box, or you may not have jumped on the trend yet. Whatever your answer, on our Nanna Folk website we have several large golden earrings that will help you not to be left behind and to get ahead of one of the fashion trends that will reach the most echoes in the coming months. 

You can choose from basics that always accompany any look -such as the Rings-, more special designs capable of giving a twist to your simplest outfits (the lolita long are perfect for it) or other designs that never fail when it comes to looking for a festive outfit that is not excessively flashy (take a look at the Cher earrings). You choose!