You may be one of those women who follow traditions and always bet on the same jewels to complete their looks, you may be one of those who take risks and think about them first every day before the clothes, or you may be one of those who follow all the trends and they vary their accessories and complements depending on what the catwalks and celebrities say. If you are from the latter group, we have news to tell you: the earrings take center stage and their asymmetric version does so. Yes, you read it right. We are talking about that bet that we have already seen fashion references wear on catwalks and events -from Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansson, through Ivanka Trump, to Blanca Suárez or Chiara Ferragni-, and which consists of wearing earrings that are not the same , but present a different silhouette. It may be a pair that you can buy directly like this, or it may be individual pieces or several pairs that you combine to your liking for a single staging. 

Before, it was the most modern and punk girls who wore this asymmetry accompanying their outfits, now, at a time when fashion seems to have no limits, even the most elegant choose this original bet to decorate their looks. And no wonder, because it is a magnificent option whether we wear a simple style and seek to add a differentiating plot twist, or if we simply have the whim of giving an air that, surely, no one else will wear that day.

At Nanna Folk we are fans of playing with different pairs and matching earrings. And, as jewelers that we are, we propose below some combinations with which we assure you that you will be a hit wherever you go. Keep reading, take notes and choose your favorite.

Aura Chunky (+ Aura simple)

You will fall in love with this pair. The Aura Chunky  They are long earrings with, as the name suggests, a chunky chain in different lengths. Each of them is different from the other, since one presents the topaz at its beginning, and the other, at its end. You can choose to wear them together, or if not, combine them even with its simplest version, the Aura, a stud model with topaz without chains. An ideal combo for your festive looks.


There are three Lolita pairs that we have on our website, and many combinations that you can do by trying each other. The simple lolita With thethe wide ones, the long ones with the Enamel, the Enamels with shorts… All are valid options. It depends on whether you prefer to choose only gold as the protagonist, or if, instead, you want to give a wink of color to your outfit.

Pebbles (stud + pearls, chains & tourmaline)

Our pebbles stud earrings pack They can be worn alone, as a pair or, if you have a piercing hole, even as a trio. If you want to go one step further, you can also try different combinations with its allies, the Pebbles Pearls & Chains earrings or the Pebbles Tourmaline & Chain. You can even mix these last two pairs and add one of the studs if you want. There are as many possibilities as you can imagine. Whichever one is chosen, it is a success to stylize your day to day.

Triton (or coral Triton)

As with the Aura Chunky, the Triton coral earrings they are already asymmetric by themselves. One of them is shorter and only has the silhouette of a shell and a coral, while the other, on the other hand, also has a long chain and a small turquoise that gives it even more colour. You can wear them like this, because they already attract attention, or if you prefer you can also combine them with the Triton simple (both in piercing and individually), with the Triton Stones, or, even, now that summer is here and the earrings are worn happily, with any of the pack Tiny Sea Treasures. There is even more: the latter already offer you up to three different possibilities to combine them. All of them fantastic options to join the mermaidcore and take on summer vacations by the coast (or pool).


Precisely if we talk about marine inspiration and sunny days, The Mauritius they are the perfect companions. You will recognize them because they have almost everything you can imagine: starfish, chains, corals of different shapes and colors, turquoise or pearls. Combining one of them with a Triton or, also, with the Tiny Sea Treasures will be a success. 

Possibilities there are as many as you want. On our website you will find a wide variety of designs that feel great with pieces that you may never have imagined. Also others that at first glance already intuit that they feel good (Pía turtle with the Tiny Turtle, for example). With these ideas and yours, joining the trend is very easy.