Legend or destiny? The romantic story of the red thread told through a bracelet

Fruit of Japanese mythology, this beautiful belief ensures that if you are destined to meet someone, it will be so: a red thread joins your pinkies whimsically so that you end up meeting.

The Japanese legend of the red thread tells that people destined to meet each other are linked by a red thread, naturally, tied to their pinkies. And that, inevitably at some point in his life, these threads will come together until they meet. A myth that has been romanticized ad nauseam, transcending other cultures. At Nanna Folk we have the most beautiful and romantic red string bracelet you can imagine, and it will become the perfect gift for that special someone. But where does the story come from?

One of the most popular is that of a powerful Japanese emperor who relied on the power of a sorceress to find the person to whom he was attached by the red thread. The great sorceress could see the threads that connected people, and she followed the emperor's until she found the woman of her destiny: a young commoner who had just given birth. As the president did not like what he saw, he pushed the young woman making the baby fall down, which caused a particular wound on her forehead; besides ordering to cut off the head of the sorceress. Years later, he married a girl who had the same strange scar on her forehead, the result of a fall as a baby, confirming the certainty of the sorceress. Another of them assures that it is an old man who, from the moon, ties with a red thread the little fingers of the people destined to meet, so that they can find the way.

The fact that this thread is always tied to the little finger is not by chance: the ulnar artery connects this finger directly with the heart. According to the belief, this vein would extend through the little finger and up to the heart of the predestined person. Ultimately, the world is a network of connected hearts that, at some point in their life, will meet. It doesn't matter that life separates you from the chosen person. Not even if you have met once that means that it will not happen again: this thread can stretch, tighten, tangle and even wear out, but it will never break.

Our bracelet In addition to symbolizing the Japanese legend, it is also an element of protection against bad vibrations. A true lucky charm that, with its seven knots, will protect you from negative energies. Its operation is simple: you must give it as a gift and put it on the left hand of that beloved person you want to protect, joining them forever.

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