There are as many stories about the origins of Valentine's Day as you can imagine, but the best known is that when Christianity began to spread, back in the Roman era of the 3rd century, Claudius II the Gothic outlawed marriages between young men for a clear purpose: so that they could join the army. But the mandate of this emperor was challenged by, precisely, a young priest named Valentine who decided to break the rules and, as a faithful believer in love, began to celebrate marriages in secret. Since then, and after this story with an unfortunate ending for the religious was made public, every February 14 we are actually honoring his figure. Because if love moves the world... What better than to celebrate it now that we can? There was a time when affirming that we were in love made us shy, but now social networks have been filled with videos defending love and... fashion has also indicated its position on the matter, indicating that it is an already established trend much more beyond February 14. So much so that it has even given ita name: lovecore.

Since TikTok came into our lives in 2020, there are many style guidelines that the young generations have instilled in us, but many others that the catwalks have also adopted in their collections. And romanticism, without a doubt, is one of them. It is only necessary to review the current trends to realize it.

Among the prints, the heart prints, stand out witch bathe all kinds of garments. Among the silhouettes we find heart-shaped necklines that are especially flattering; in fabrics, lace plays a star role; in the accessories we can see hairpins with the same shape and, of course, among the jewels of the moment the lovecore also triumphs. We are talking about that type of jewel that includes details with hearts and that are capable of elevating any look with just a glance. Yes, this trend has returned and we are not surprised if we look back and remember some of the most famous movie outfits. Remember Kate Winslet naked, as Rose in Titanic, wearing a blue pendant necklace? And Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with a red dress and a ruby choker that simulated hearts? If the answer is yes, you know what we are talking about. 

For this reason, and because at Nanna Folk we also declare ourselves to be on the side of the romantics (as jewelers that we are), we review below some of the jewels in our catalog with which you can now join the lovecore or write down for when you have to ask for or give something for Valentine's Day. Pick!


1-For the most discreet romantics

In gold vermeil, the Sweetie Galaxy pendants They are discreet, elegant and the perfect companion to any look in pairs or individually in a second or third hole. You can combine them with their ally necklace, the collar Little Sweetie Galaxy and form the perfect tandem, and even alternate with the same earrings but in its shape version.


2-For the most religious

Of a religious nature and with a very nice design to wear over basic garments or wearing it on the neckline. so is the detente sacred heart of jesus necklace, which has written behind the phrase: "the sacred heart of Jesus is with me".  A beautiful demonstration that teaches us that love is not only what exists in a couple and that, in addition, you can also wear a more striking option of pearls thanks to the other design that we have, the detente sacred heart of jesus necklace with pearls or, in its most special version, another one that we have designed with freshwater cultured pearls (ideal if you wear it to match the pulsera sacred heart).


3-For die-hard romantics

This proposal may be the most similar to all that we have seen in our favorite movies, but also the most striking. Jewelry that includes sapphires is a sure hit, but those with heart-shaped sapphires go a step further and are capable of starring in even the simplest outfit. On our website you can find from Darlene pendant rings matching with the aphrodite earrings or the Aroha. 


4- To be the protagonist

Another even more striking alternative is our section of earrings with zirconia. The Maia or the Valentina are always eye-catching and look great with simple outfits.The Maia The the Valentinas they always attract attention and feel great with simple outfits.


5- For the most modern

Hoops will always be one of the favorite earrings among the timeless trends of each season, but giving them an innovative twist is possible. Also with hearts, as we teach in the Freya open earrings, from which little hearts hang. And among our most rocking bets, and not for that reason less romantic, you can find the hummingbird necklace, one of the designs that arouses the most comments.