After the busy search for Christmas gifts, we are already counting the days for another of the dates in which we let our imagination run wild: Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and, like every February 14, on that date we celebrate (even more) love in style. How? Showing our affection to that person who will be our life partner with unique details that they will always remember. There are those who give away trips and create unique memories, who reserves a table in that restaurant so dreamed of for some day of whims and, instead, decides on one of the most precious bets that will be part of their most exclusive fashion haul, a jewel . But giving gifts is not easy, and that is why at Nanna Folk we have decided to help you by creating a guide with some of the ideas with which you will be sure to get your gift a sucess. Below you will find trends that are on the rise this 2023, such as lovecore (if you don't know what it is, Discover it here!) and other timeless pieces that you are sure to love.

Hint: do not choose what you like, but rather, think about it. Forward...


lovecore gifts

Who to give a 'lovecore' jewel? To the most passionate and romantic women.

Its name says it, but it is the trends of 2023 that are confirming that hearts fill both clothing and jewelry to bring romance back to our lives. In our catalog you can find several pieces that speak for themselves, including silhouettes with little hearts. We have some more striking and others much more discreet. Here are some ideas:

-Darlene Ring: A heart-shaped pendant ring with perfect ruby pink zirconia.

-Valentine earrings: Designs with twelve ruby-colored heart-shaped zircons.

-Maya earrings: Heart-shaped stud earrings with colored spinels.

-Aroha earrings: Stud earrings with two colored heart-shaped zircons set one at each end.

-Freya Hearts Earrings: the earrings are pure trend, but these open with dangle hearts are the most special.



gifts with meaning

Giving as a gift is fine, but giving it with a jewel that no one else has is even better. At Nanna Folk we have pieces that we personalise so that you can create the most unique and exclusive gift. From necklaces with the initials of your name, to others that honor your date of birth. 

To whom to give a jewel with meaning? To the most spiritual women 

-Puffy Letters bracelet with chunky chain: you choose the size and the name, and we take care of the rest. This design combines the chunky trend 

-Puffy Letters Necklace with Rainbow Sapphires: The funniest. It is a necklace with natural sapphire stones in a beautiful combination of colors. You can also bet on your tourmaline versions, another beautiful design that never fails.

-Puffy Letters necklace with two letters and topaz: If you are looking for a gift that, in addition to being personalized, is also special because it reminds you of your childhood, this is the perfect one. It is a design with two joined letters (that you choose) and a white topaz semi-precious stone.

-Collar hashtag True Love: The most modern and unisex (you can share it!). A necklace with a pendant inscribed with the phrase "True Love" capable of giving personality to any look.



Gifts that never fail

If you think she doesn't like lovecore jewelry or significant ones at first glance, you can always choose a piece of jewelry that she will wear day in and day out. In our list of Valentine's gifts we have also added other pieces that are just as captivating, but may be even more functional. Here are some ideas:

-Tiny Bubbles Rose Ring: it is different, it has the shape of a snake and it is striking in any self-respecting hand. If she is daring or always likes to give a distinctive twist to her looks, this will be the winning bet.

-Gorgonian Square Earrings: ideal for women who go from event to event, dressed up for the office or who like to elevate their etiquette when the occasion requires it. These earrings combine the passion for pearls with the texture of the gorgonian. 

-Otilia ring: simple, but striking. It is a wide band and engraved snakeskin ring that looks great both on its own and combined with other finer and smaller ones.

-Pebbles earrings: If you think that she is more into wearing tiny earrings, the Pebbles will be the ones that she likes the most. They can be combined in many ways and are always a perfect wild card to wear daily.

-Macarelleta necklace: It is one of our best sellers and it is not surprising. The Macarelleta necklace can be combined with others, but by itself it already occupies all the attention. It is a design of cultured freshwater pearls and gold details that also has an important storytelling behind it, since it is inspired by one of the most beautiful islands in our country, Menorca. An idea: you can treat yourself to the necklace and, perhaps, a Menorcan getaway? We drop it...



If these ideas do not convince you, we have many more in a list that we have prepared on our website valentine gifts. They are just a selection, but in any of our other collections You will find precious jewels with which, surely, you will surprise him in style.