Of all the possible plans for Valentine's Day, traveling is the one we like the most. Few things make us happier than leaving our city, pressing off and enjoying a getaway accompanied by one of the people we love the most. And it is that, as they say, one never returns the same from a trip. There are several purposes: getting to know new cultures, enjoying the sun, visiting museums or simply having dinner under candlelight with our partner and letting ourselves go for a moment that the frenetic pace of our daily lives prevents us from carrying out. For this reason and because the most romantic date of the year is approaching, we have chosen below some of the most frequented destinations by couples to celebrate this date. They are safe bets, just like the jewels that we propose to give away along with this trip or, simply, to create incredible looks that help us remember this new experience forever. Which one do you prefer?


If you have not visited the Italian city, it is time to do so. The reasons why Rome is a good city to visit as a couple are endless: its food is one of the best in the world, it is rich in history and culture, you can spend hours walking among its ancient monuments and museums, and its cobbled streets make it a a perfect setting to create the most romantic frame in your photo album.


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Saint Sebastian

There are hardly any people who have visited San Sebastián and have not fallen in love with this city. There are many activities there that will allow you to (re)connect with your partner: the views of the sea from La Concha beach, walks along its shore, haute cuisine restaurants, a mountain landscape that surrounds it and, even so, an atmosphere very cozy that makes you feel at home.


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That Paris is known as the "city of love" is no coincidence. The atmosphere of the French capital breathes romanticism in each of its corners.

Its architecture, the warm chromatic range that bathes its landscape, the impressive gardens in which to rest and enjoy the beauty of its horizon and, of course, its captivating cafes and restaurants, ideal for enjoying intimate and cozy moments with your partner. Everything there is love and you can recreate scenes from movies, like Moulin Rouge! You can even take the Emily in Paris route... 


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It may sound typical, but beyond a honeymoon, the Maldives is also an ideal destination for couples due to its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere. If you want to think about a trip in a big way, this is the ideal destination. The islands offer white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, spectacular marine life and also very romantic accommodation with floating cabins on the sea. 


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We already knew that Seville has a special color, but that it is one of the most romantic enclaves is something that must be discovered from there. At night it is worth walking around the Giralda and around the Cathedral of Santa María. And during the day, you can go from bar to bar to have some tapas and good wine or, of course, visit a tablao. 


What jewelry to wear in Seville? We've got it all figured out! To match the colors of the city: the Lolita collection.