Autumn has already settled into our days, and with this season comes the shift in trends. If in summer we saw how some jewelry trends blended in with the hottest season, now everything seems to indicate that the jewelry we will wear this season continues with the maximalist fever, but with a slightly more subdued character, adapting to the personality of the upcoming months. Cozier, a little less energetic, but more intense. 

If we look at the catwalks that last February showed us the keys to this fall/winter 2023, we can see that this time the jewelry is committed to “more is more”, without leaving aside timeless pieces that always succeed, such as earrings or the pearls. However, in contrast to the idea of understated luxury that dominated the previous season, it's clear that this time they are making a strong statement to take center stage in our looks. At Nanna Folk, we have confirmed this through a thorough review of fashion shows:if you don't believe us, take note. Because below we show you which bets you will want to wear, at least until spring. 

Piercing effect

The rebellious aesthetic is a must. If you are looking to give your outfit a transgressive touch, you can be inspired by catwalks such as Valentino, Tory Burch or Givenchy, which have shown us models wearing earrings everywhere, but not in any setting, but stacked, like a piercing. You can even play with various silhouettes and add fun options to the lobe hole such as Starfish earrings, followed in the next hole with thin and small rings, and finish the ensemble with one of the Little Sweetie Galaxy set. Don't be afraid to mix it up! Filling our ears seems to be the guideline to follow, a nostalgic key that brings us back to our adolescence.

Large round earrings

Better if they are pearls. Although last season pearlcore filled all our favorite choices, now its maxi version is the one chosen. It can also be any jewelry made up of pendants or round beads, like our Gorgonian Square Beads, the Bahia choker matching with earrings from the same collection or options such as earrings Langob or the Maui.

Body jewelry

It may sound strange to you, but you'll understand it right away. When we talk about body jewelry, we mean all those pieces that are placed on your skin in areas not typically reserved for jewelry. That is, it can be on your neckline with one of our long necklace designs (the necklace Noor, the Puffy Letters initial with tourmalines and chains, El Mara or the Gretel), accompanying your step with some of our anklets (yes, in winter with tailored pants and heels they look great) or some chain belt. You dare? Paco Rabanne or Stella McCarney say YES.

There are many other autumn/winter 2023-24 jewelry trends that we have already told you about. Following the maximalist guideline of “going for it”, you can also resort to other guidelines that we have explained to you on other occasions, such as the successful ring stacking method (find out here how it's done well), that of showing off earrings of different heights or mixing different metals. In a moment when clothing seems to favor neutral and dark tones, jewelry arrives to lift spirits and unleash creativity, brightening up the days.